Staging Canadell

Storage & Carts

Standard Storage Carts

Standard Storage Carts

Designed for mobility, built for durability. These storage carts are a must for storing portable stages! They put the portable in “portable stage.” Our storage carts make it easier and quicker to move your portable stage or riser. Our storage carts store your stage decks on their side for compact storage.

Executive Storage Carts

Designed to hold platforms and legs. Total height when stages are loaded: 57.5”

6-unit cart

(25.5” wide x 105” long)

8-unit cart

(33.5” wide x 105” long)

9-unit cart

(37.5” wide x 105” long)

drum riser

Drum Riser

Maneuver your drum kit or musicians around the stage using the rolling Drum Riser. With a steel frame and 900 lb casters, each cart fits a 4’ x 8’ Executive platform.

Create an 8 ’x 8’ drum riser by securing two platforms together.

Extended Leg Cart

Extended Leg Cart

For storage of your Extended Height legs and cross bracing, choose the Extended Leg Cart.

Each cart will hold legs and cross-bracing for 9 Executive platforms.

Rail Cart

Rail Cart

Store your rails and chair stops simply and compactly on a Rail Cart.
Each cart holds 18 – 8’ rails.

Riser Storage Cart

Riser Storage Cart

A convenient cart to store your risers and rails.

Each cart holds 3 Risers and 3 Rails.

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