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portable staging
portable staging

Are you having trouble finding a stage that works?

You look and look through catalogues and websites and it seems hopeless! Sure, there are a lot of good options – but do they tick off all the boxes? You wouldn’t be here right now if they did.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else would figure it out for you?

Don’t fret! We can make exactly what you want.

Staging Canadell is North America’s topCanada’s only stage company. We design and build custom stages in-house. Our satisfied customers include:

We make people happy because we deliver what they want! Here is what some of them have had to say:

“Our Canadell stage is fabulous! Strong, attractive and very easy to assemble. The customer service was excellent, friendly and helpful!” – Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Urban Design, University of Toronto

We’d love to show you the amazing customer service we’re known for while crafting the perfect stage for you!

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Looking for a fast turnaround time?

You don’t have to start from scratch. Our Executive line of aluminumaluminium staging is easy to customize. We can add complex curves, angles and cutouts. We can make custom-sized sections and change the leg lengths too. The custom stages can work with our stage accessories too.

Client Reviews

….we love the stage. It is easy to put together and it is getting used way more than we ever thought, more and more groups are requesting the stage and now we need some more staging because our Band wants to set up on the entire Band for their Spring Concert.

James Fowler
Calgary, AB

It all went together great and with the skirting on. Wow. The piano movers just left and they said it is the very best they have seen and could not get over the stability. Those extra supports on the frame to the platform makes all the difference. They commented that it will be less business for them but right for us.


We bought Canadell risers for our McManus Studio Theatre in 2012. The McManus Studio is a six-sided black box theatre that is used for many productions and events with the risers configured in proscenium setting and in the round setting generally. Sometimes we clear the room entirely. The setup and takedown of the risers is easy and the carts that the risers store on are fabulous. Since 2012 we have shown off our risers to other organizations such as Fanshawe College in London and Soulpepper in Toronto and I am happy to say that both organizations went on to purchase the same risers for their theatres! Thank you Staging Canadell for all your help!

Grand Theatre McManus Studio