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Seated Choral Risers

Executive Seated Risers use our Executive Stage foundation. This creates a flexible modular system designed to meet a variety of needs. The Executive foundation is strong and durable. It makes attractive seating with excellent lines of sight and unobstructed sound paths. Test its versatility by using the seated risers as band or choral risers or as audience seating. Add pie sections to create winged, horseshoe or arc configurations. One platform to meet a variety of needs.
Microphone in a restaurant on a stage
Microphone in a restaurant on a stage

Common Uses

  • School Concerts
  • Class Photos
  • Choirs & Choral Groups
  • Photography
  • Audience Seating


Platform Sizes Available

  • 3′x8′
  • 3′x6′
  • 3′x4′

Leg Heights Available

  • 8″
  • 16″
  • 24″
  • 32″
  • 40″

Extended Legs Available

  • 48″
  • 56″
  • 64″
  • 72″
*Customization available – contact us for custom heights and size requirements.

Surface Options Available

black top stage optionBlack top surface
Carpet Top stage optionCarpet top surface
*Other colours available upon request.

Product Specifications

  • Staging Canadell seated choral riser sets are 36″ deep with 8″, 16″, and 24″ elevations (other elevations also available)
  • Each 6′ section of Seated Choral Riser accommodates 9 performers
  • Each 8′ section accommodates 12 performers (not including a row on the floor)
  • Six performers fit on a seated choral pie section (not including a row on the floor)
  • Buy extra leg sets and use as a stage at one level
  • Custom platform sizes and leg heights available
  • Use our standard layouts or customize your own set
  • Each set includes :
    • Three platforms in sizes of either 3′ x 6′ or 3′ x 8′
    • Standard platform elevations at 8″, 16″ and 24″
    • Pie shaped sections are also available
    • Black top or carpet top surfacing
    • All required attachment mechanisms

Standing Capacity and Area Requirements

For more information on layouts and capacities download our layout guide. Visit our Help Center or contact us and we’ll help you with understanding the best package for your needs.
Stage storage cart

Executive Storage Carts

  • Designed to hold platforms and legs
  • The total height when the stages are loaded is 57.5″

Available in

  • 6-unit cart (25.5″ wide x 105″ long)
  • 8-unit cart (33.5″ wide x 105″ long)
  • 9-unit cart (37.5″ wide x 105″ long)
Rail Cart

Rail Cart

  • Store your rails and chair stops simply and compactly
  • Each cart holds 18 – 8′ rails
Extended Leg Cart

Extended Leg Cart

  • For storage of your extended height legs and cross bracing, choose the extended leg cart
  • Each cart will hold legs and cross-bracing for 9 executive platforms
Chair Stops

Chair Stops

  • Prevent chair legs from sliding off the platform edge
  • Fast & easy setup
  • Clamp on to the stage edge
  • No tools required
Standing choral risers (medium package)

Choral Riser Safety Railing

  • Add security to any stage or riser performance
  • All safety railings have built-in chair stops
  • Guardrails attach without tools

Available in:

  • 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 8′
Closure panel

Closure Panel

  • Create a finished look with front and side closure panels
  • Easy to install with a durable phenolic finish
  • They also double as a chair stop

We Have What You Need

We know that you can not always find what you are looking for in a standard “off the shelf” package. If you need customization, please refer to the Executive line.

Medium seated band
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