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Standing Choral Risers

In a world of narrow, cramped choral risers, Staging Canadell Choral Risers have widened the playing field. Our ‌stage risers treads are a full 21″ deep – that’s three full inches deeper than the treads on most of the risers on the market today. Singers will have room to hold their sheet music properly and even have space to perform a little choreography.
Church choir holding sheet music probably on a stage
Church choir holding sheet music probably on a stage

Common Uses

  • School Concerts
  • Class Photos
  • Choirs & Choral Groups
  • Photography



  • 8″
  • 16″
  • 24″
  • 21″ Step Depth (versus 18″ depth on most risers in the market)

Sizes Available

  • 6′ straight
  • 6′ tapered
  • 4′ straight
  • 4′ tapered
*Optional fourth step addition available for all models

Surface Options Available

Carpet Top stage optionCarpet top surface
*Other colours available upon request.
  • 200 lb/sqft load rating
  • Folds out in seconds and is designed for one person to easily set up, fold and roll away for storage
  • 21″ step depth providing added comfort and safety
  • Solid, lightweight construction with 3/4″ plywood deck and 3″ deep anodized aluminum frame that wraps the deck top and bottom to protect surfacing
  • Legs are steel powder coated black and have roll away casters that engage after folding and lifting at one end
  • Straight and tapered risers can be used together to create a variety of configurations
  • Fourth step addition available that easily clamps to the third step for easy setup
  • Optional back rail available
  • Available in standard grey carpet top (other colours also available)
  • Ten Year Warranty

Riser Sizes Available:

  • 6′ straight
  • 6′ tapered
  • 4′ straight
  • 4′ tapered
  • Fourth step addition available for all models
  • Straight and tapered risers can be used in combination

Riser Specifications:

  • 21″ step depth (versus 18″ depth on competitor risers)
  • 8″, 16″ and 24″ elevations
  • 32″ elevation available with fourth step addition

Standing Capacity and Area Requirements

For more information on layouts and capacities download our layout guide, visit our Help Center or contact us and we’ll help you with understanding the best package for your needs.Manuals, support videos, and other resources are located on our Help Center page
sloped choral riser railing

Sloped Choral Riser Safety Railing

  • Add angled railing to standing choral risers
  • The guardrails attach without tools
Rail Cart

Rail Cart

  • Store your rails and chair stops simply and compactly
  • Each cart holds 18 – 8′ rails
Riser Storage Cart

Riser Storage Cart

  • A convenient cart to store your risers and rails
  • Each cart holds 3 risers and 3 rails
standing choral risers medium package

Choral Riser Safety Railing

  • Add security to any stage or riser performance
  • All safety railings have built-in chair stops
  • Guardrails attach without tools

Available in:

  • 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 8′
4th step

4th Step for Standing Choral Risers

  • Available in a variety of configurations
  • Our convenient fourth-step addition allows you to accommodate more performers in a smaller space
  • Add security to your performance with an optional back railing
  • A fourth-step addition is available with its own folding legs (simply clamp on to the third step for easy setup)
Combine our 6′ and 3′ tapered or straight risers to create the perfect layout that works for your space. Should you have specific measurements that need to be met we can create custom-sized risers as well.
Single tapered choral riser

Common Layouts

Below are the most common layout packages. Contact us to find the ideal layout option or if you require a customized order.
tapered standing choral risers small setup package

Standing Choral Risers Layout 1

  • Three 6′ Tapered Choral Risers
risers layout 3 with fourth step

Standing Choral Risers Layout 2

  • Four 6′ Straight Choral Risers
  • Fourth step accessory addition
  • Back Rails
risers layout 2 setup

Standing Choral Risers Layout 3

  • Four 6′ Straight Choral Risers
  • Two 6′ Tapered Choral Risers
  • Back & Sloped Side Rails

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