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Steel Stage: Legacy Staging

The single-height stage can be set up quickly and taken down just as fast. The folding legs span the full width of the platform for strength and stability. The edging is 3′ deep anodized extruded. It gives the platform its strength, lightness and attractive look. Many schools, churches, hotels and shopping malls use this steel stage.
Conference center
Conference center

Common Uses

  • Graduation
  • Seated Risers
  • Tiered Audience Seating
  • Runways
  • Speaker/Camera Platforms
  • Corporate Events
  • Displays
  • Flat or Multi-level


Stage Heights Available

  • 8″
  • 16″
  • 24″

Standard Platform Sizes

  • 4′x8′

Surface Options Available

Carpet Top stage optionCarpet top surface
*Other colours available upon request.

Product Specifications

  • 200 lb/sqft live load rating ensuring stability, safety and strength
  • Each 4′ x 8′ platform has 3 H-framed, fixed height leg assemblies to provide six stable contact points
  • Easy-to-handle sections with edging, 16-gauge steel legs and 3/4″ plywood deck
  • Stages unfold quickly to make set up fast and easy
  • Grey carpet top (other colours available) and grey or black edging
  • Optional: storage carts, stairs, guardrails, skirting and front drapery systems are available
  • Ten-year warranty
  • Weight: 110 lbs
Executive Stage medium setup package

Staging Backdrops

  • Give your stage a professional look with easy-to-set-up adjustable backdrops
  • 8′ fixed height or 7′-12′ adjustable uprights with telescoping 7′-12′ drape supports
  • Pleated and non-pleated drapery comes in 8′ x 8′ or 4′ x 8′ sections or custom lengths
Executive Stage Small Setup package

Stage Skirting

  • Add the final touch with a stage skirt
  • This beautiful 2″ pleat skirt will give that professional look!
  • The skirting is quick and easy to attach to the stage using Velcro
  • The skirting is available at any height
  • All the fabric used is flame-resistant, 11 oz 100% polyester
  • Our standard colorcolour is black with a full-colorcolour selection available upon request.
Stage front drapery

Stage Front Drapery

  • A front drapery system dresses up your portable stage and allows behind-the-scenes activity
  • This system will fit a 24′, 32′ or 40′ stage front
  • It comes with a top and side valance, side stationary curtains and middle pull curtains
  • The truss frame system is free-standing and is easy to attach to your stage
  • All the fabric used is flame-resistant, 11 oz 100% polyester
  • Our standard colorcolour is black with a full-colorcolour selection available upon request
Standard Storage Carts

Standard Storage Carts

  • Designed for mobility, built for durability
  • These storage carts are a must for storing portable stages!
  • They put the portable in “portable stage”
  • Make it easier and quicker to move your portable stage or riser
  • Store your stage decks on their side for compact storage

Available in

  • 6-unit cart (24″ wide x 100″ long)
  • 9-unit cart (32″ wide x 100″ long)
  • 10-unit cart (36″ wide x 100″ long)
Rail Cart

Rail Cart

  • Store your rails and chair stops simply and compactly
  • Each cart holds 18 – 8′ rails
Extended Leg Cart

Extended Leg Cart

  • For storage of your extended height legs and cross bracing, choose the extended leg cart
  • Each cart will hold legs and cross-bracing for 9 executive platforms
Safety railing

Safety Railing

  • Add security to any stage or riser performance
  • All safety railings have built-in chair stops
  • Guardrails attach without tools
  • AVAILABLE IN: 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 8′
Chair Stops

Chair Stops

  • Prevent chair legs from sliding off the platform edge
  • Fast & easy setup
  • Clamp on to the stage edge
  • No tools required
Stairs with backplate

Standard Stairways

  • They are tough and durable with “tip and roll” mobility
  • They come with dual handrails
  • The stairway is 36″ wide and each step is 11″ deep
  • Available with non-slip tread coverings of either Black Top or Carpet Top
  • All stairways attach to the stage edge for added safety
  • Custom stairs for higher stage heights are available

Available in:

  • 2-step for 16″ or 24″ stage height
  • 3-step for 24″ or 32″ stage height
  • 4-step for 32″ or 40″ stage height
  • 5-step for 40″ or 48″ stage height
Stairs (no rails with backplate)

Stairway Without Rail

  • Provides unobstructed access to your stage
  • AVAILABLE IN: 2-step for 16″ or 24″ stage height
Single step

One Step Stair

  • Provide simple access for 12″ or 16″ stage heights

We Have What You Need

We know that you can not always find what you are looking for in a standard “off the shelf” package. If you need customization, please refer to the Executive line.

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