Staging Canadell

Aluminum Stage: Executive Staging

Lightweight, affordable and easy to set up, all in one complete package.
Executive Platforms make it easy to create any type of stage platform you need. You can configure it into a stage, runway, speaker platform or seated risers.

Common Uses

Graduation Seated Risers Tiered Audience Seating Runways Speaker/Camera Platforms Corporate Events Displays Outdoor Events Drum Riser Flat or Multi-level


Stage Heights Available

  • 8″
  • 16″
  • 24″
  • 32″
  • 40″

Extended Heights Available

  • 48″
  • 56″
  • 64″
  • 72″

Standard Platform Sizes

  • 4′x8′
  • 4′x6′
  • 4′x4′
  • 3′x8′
  • 3′x6′
Contact us for custom heights and deck size requirements.

Surface Options Available

black top stage optionBlack top surface
Carpet Top stage optionCarpet top surface
*Other colors available upon request.
  • Executive Platforms make it easy to create any type of stage you need. Configure it into a stage, runway, speaker platform or seated risers.
  • 250 lb/sqft live load rating
  • Six interchangeable 2″ square anodized
  • legs and support eliminating deflection and bounce
  • Lightweight at 100 lbs per 4′ x 8′ platform
  • Solid construction with 3/4″ plywood deck and 3 5/8″ deep anodized frame that wraps the deck top and bottom
  • Legs attach quickly and securely with no tools required
  • Interchangeable legs allow for other stage heights or tiered seating
  • Fine adjustable leg and telescoping leg options
  • Platforms and legs are stored compactly on an Executive Storage Cart
  • Available with a carpet top or black top*
  • Executive Quick Release Pin provides a positive, secure lock
  • Ten-Year Warranty
*Black top is a durable stage cover made of phenolic resin. It is textured on top and smooth underneath. It is scuff, skid and weather resistant.Manuals, support videos, and other resources are located on our Help Center page
two step stairway with rails for stages and risers

Standard Stairways

  • Built tough and durable with “tip and roll” mobility, and complete with dual handrails
  • The stairway is 36″ wide and each step is 11″ deep
  • Available with non-slip tread coverings of either black top or carpet top
  • All stairways attach to the stage edge for added safety
  • Available in:
    • 2-step for 16″ or 24″ stage height
    • 3-step for 24″ or 32″ stage height
    • 4-step for 32″ or 40″ stage height
    • 5-step for 40″ or 48″ stage height

Two step stage and riser stairway

Stairway Without Rail

  • Provides unobstructed access to your stage
  • Available in:
    • 2-step for 16″ or 24″ stage height
Single Step accessory for stage

One Step Stair

  • Provide simple access for 16″ stage heights
wheelchair ramp stage accessory

Accessible Wheelchair Ramp

  • Provide wheelchair access to your events
  • Complies with ADA/ODA/IBC/NBC guidelines
  • Easy set up offering flexibility in configurations using stage back entry or side entry
  • Available for all stage heights
  • Complete with guardrails
  • Surface options:
    • Black top and carpet top
Safety railing for stages and risers

Safety Railing

  • Add security to any stage or riser performance
  • All safety railings have built-in chair stops
  • Guardrails attach without tools
  • Available in:
    • 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 8′
Chair Stops

Chair Stops

  • Prevent chair legs from sliding off the platform edge
  • Fast and easy setup—simply clamp onto stage edge
  • No tools required
Closure panel accessory for risers and stages

Closure Panel

  • Create a finished look for your seated risers with front and side closure panels
  • Easy to install with a durable phenolic resin finish
  • They double as a chair stop
Parts and Accessories

Executive Storage Carts

  • Designed to hold platforms and legs
  • Total height when stages are loaded: 57.5″
    • 6-unit cart (25.5″ wide x 105″ long)
    • 8-unit cart (33.5″ wide x 105″ long)
    • 9-unit cart (37.5″ wide x 105″ long)
Extended Leg Cart

Extended Leg Cart

  • For storage of your extended height legs and cross-bracing, choose the extended leg cart
  • Each cart will hold legs and cross-bracing for nine executive platforms
Rail Cart

Rail Cart

  • Store your rails and chair stops simply and compactly on a rail cart
  • Each cart holds 18 – 8′ rails
Equipment and loading ramp for stages

Equipment Ramp

  • Providing easy access for getting equipment on and off stage
Executive Stage Small Setup package

Stage Skirting

  • Add the final touch with a stage skirt
  • A beautifully finished 2″ pleat skirt will give that professional look
  • The skirting is easy to attach to the stage with its sewn-in velcro
  • Skirting is available at any height.
  • All the fabric used is fire retardant 11 oz 100% Avora™ polyester
  • Our standard is black with a varienty of other s available upon request
Executive Stage medium setup package

Portable Staging Backdrops

  • Give your stage a professional look with easy to set up adjustable backdrops
  • 8’ fixed height or 7′-12′ adjustable uprights with telescoping 7′-12′ drape supports
  • Pleated drapery comes in 8′ x 8′ or 4′ x 8′ sections or custom lengths
Stage front drapery

Stage Front Drapery

  • A front drapery system dresses up your portable stage and allows behind-the-scenes activity
  • This system will fit a 24′, 32′ or 40′ stage front. Our drapery systems come with top and side valance, side stationary curtains and middle pull curtains.
  • The truss frame system is free-standing and attaches to your stage
  • All the fabric used is flame-resistant 11 oz 100% polyester
  • Our standard is black with a varienty of other s available upon request
Drum riser accessory

Drum Riser

  • geoip_detect2_show_if not_country=”CA”]Maneuver[/geoip_detect2_show_if] your drum kit or musicians around the stage using the rolling drum riser
  • With a steel frame and 900 lb casters, each cart fits a 4′ x 8′ executive platform
  • Create an 8′ x 8′ drum riser by securing two platforms together
Custom Design

We Have What You Need

At Staging Canadell, we realize that you can not always find what you are looking for in a standard “off the shelf” package. The executive line lends itself very well to customization, oftentimes at very little or no additional cost. Anything from complex curves and angles to simple cut-outs around pillars or custom-sized section or leg height is possible with the executive line.

What Can Be Customized?

Often your staging needs require more than a standard portable stage can offer. The executive line has been designed to accommodate those needs. If any of the following are what you need, we can help!
  • Utilizing 3D imagery to custom design and build pit fillers
  • Curves or angles to meet up with existing stages or raised platforms
  • Notches for structural pillars
  • Tier or bridge over built-in stairs/steps
  • Colours of carpet surfacing or skirting/drapery
  • Leg heights for uneven or multi- floors
  • Customized ramps, stairs, railings or carts

Is Customization Expensive?

We do not charge for most customizations. Things like 3D imaging or laser cutting can add to the cost.

A cautionary note about custom stage designs

We have optimized our stages to be as cost-effective as possible. Changing them can lead to wasted material and space. A stage with a notch cut out of it cost the same as if the notch were not there. The price is the same but the surface area has gone down. Still, the notch might let you fit in a bigger stage than if it wasn’t there. It is good to think of these things before making alterations.
executive stage small setup no skirting

Common Layouts

Below are the most common layout packages. Contact us to find the ideal layout option or if you need a customized order.
small executive setup with stairs

Executive Layout 1

  • 12′ x 16′ x 24″H Stage
  • Two sets of stairs
  • Stage skirting
Executive Stage medium setup package

Executive Layout 2

  • 12′ x 24′ x 24″H Stage
  • Two sets of stairs
  • Stage skirting
  • Staging backdrop
executive stage with stairs and ramp

Executive Layout 3

  • 16′ x 32′ x 16″H Stage
  • One set of stairs
  • Stage skirting
  • Accessible Wheelchair Ramp
Microphone in a restaurant on a stage
Microphone in a restaurant on a stage