Staging Canadell has stages, risers and accessories to fulfill the unique needs of every school. Schools require high quality equipment that is durable and equipped to meet the every changing needs of the education system. Whether they’re for daily assemblies, staff meetings, music education, plays or anything in between, we’ve got modular adjustable-height stages and standing or seated choral risers. Our stages are dependable and durable, ensuring inclusivity and comfort.  

Common uses include:

  • Music performances
  • Music education
  • Band practice
  • Band performance
  • Acoustic solutions
  • Christmas Concert
  • Choral risers
  • Cappella choir
  • Choir
  • Choir rehearsals
  • Glee club
  • Singing society
  • Storage solutions
  • Teaching tools
  • Performance space
  • Dance stage
  • Performance
  • Platforms
  • Performing arts
  • Athletics
  • Equipment storage
  • Transport carts
  • Education
  • Debate club
  • Black Box Theater
  • Graduation
  • Convocation
  • School Play
  • Theater Seating
  • Theater production

Our customizable stages and risers create the perfect space for all your education needs. Inclusive and aesthetically pleasing, students will love performing and gathering on Staging Canadell stages.