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Places of Worship

Churches and places of worship hold a special place. They need to be accessible, beautiful and inclusive. These places also need to project sound well and be a place of comfort to all. We have stages, risers and accessories to fulfillfulfil the unique needs of your place of worship.

Church choir holding sheet music probably on a stage
Church choir holding sheet music probably on a stage
Common uses include:
  • Music performances
  • Music education
  • Band practice
  • Band performance
  • Acoustic solutions
  • Choral risers
  • Music chairs and stands
  • Cappella choir
  • Choir
  • Choir rehearsals
  • Performance space
  • Performance
  • Platforms
  • Performing arts
  • Church choir
  • Transport carts
  • Worship
  • Church seating
  • Seating
Staging Canadell will help you create the perfect space for your church. A gathering place is special, and your staging should reflect its unique uses.

Client Reviews

Again, thank you so much for your willingness to go the extra mile and, quite literally, provide crucial support for the production. Everything arrived in beautiful condition, on time, ready to go, and fit our specs exactly. It was such a pleasure to work with your entire team.” It was the one element of the production I knew I didn’t need to worry about, plan around, or try and tweak at the last minute – it worked fabulously.

Adam Burwash
Centre Street Church
Calgary, AB

It all went together great and with the skirting on. Wow. The piano movers just left and they said it is the very best they have seen and could not get over the stability. Those extra supports on the frame to the platform makes all the difference. They commented that it will be less business for them but right for us.


We have had our choir risers for two years and we are very impressed with them. We requested a custom height to bring the choir up higher and Staging Canadell was quick to accommodate our request and provided us with a solution that works well and looks fantastic! They are elegant, sturdy and quiet. Thanks for a great product!

Ryan Warkentin
Southland Church
Steinback, MB