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Community Events

There is nothing more special than a community gathering. Holding space for each other is what builds community. There is nothing we like more than helping to create that environment. Each community centercentre is the heart of the surrounding residents, a gathering place. Our products will help you build the best community gathering centercentre!

community center
community center
Common uses include:
  • Music performances
  • Music education
  • Acoustic solutions
  • Storage solutions
  • Performance space
  • Dance stage
  • Performance
  • Platforms
  • Performing arts
  • Customizable locker
  • Athletics
  • Swimming pools
  • Curling rink seating
  • Recreational seating
  • Black box
  • Graduation
  • Convocation
  • seating
  • production
Whatever the reason, bringing people together is always a good thing. The heart of the community, your event needs to be unique to you and a variety of needs.

Client Reviews

Thanks to you and everyone who collaborated to have our staging here in time for the launch of the Thunder Ridge Blues Barn and Ag Centre. I thought we were having a blues concert with the Narda Roberts Band and we did – but my family surprised me with a 60th Birthday celebration! My brother-in-law put the stage together in 30 minutes and said it was a pleasure to work with. Everyone including the band said it was amazing!! Thanks so much!

The Paradigm Corporation

The Town of St. Stephen is very impressed with the quality of the product and the Customer service throughout. Our stage was needed for a very important date, they were able to make sure it arrived on time. Thank you!

Alex Reid

We have a full 18 pieces of the executive staging that got quite a few different uses this year, first, we had high school graduation, some local concerts, it was used for a funeral in a neighboring town. We used it for our big gospel jamboree (where we had to rent 10 more pieces from saskatoon) it was just used in November for a large community dinner theater. Attached are some photos from the gospel jamboree which headlined High Valley and Diamond Rio.

Ron Phillips
Town of Shaunavon