Staging Canadell
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Convention Centers and Hotels

Workshops, seminars, weddings, and more! We can help you with whatever you’re hosting at your hotel or convention centercentre! Creating a space that is functional for sightlines and sound is essential. Our stages, risers and accessories suit any space.

conference center
conference center
Common uses include:
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Weddings
  • Conventions
  • Music performances
  • Acoustic solutions
  • Storage solutions
  • Performance space
  • Dance stage
  • Performance
  • Platforms
  • Performing arts
  • Storage shelving
  • Transport carts
  • Recreational seating
  • Risers
  • seating
  • production
Let us help you curate a stage that will work for your space.

Client Reviews

Since purchasing our stage from Staging Canadell our performances and events have had a first-class platform to work from. The Ramp brought us up to AODA standards, and our setup crews love it for loading in and out. The railing system works fast and firm, ensuring the safety of our employees, guests and performers.

Norfolk County Fair & Horse Show
Simcoe, ON

We just love our new stage from Staging Canadell! We have 6- 4×8 sections, and it is perfect in our space. Our venue is very busy, and we have many different types of events. This staging system allows for easy setup and tear down, and moving the stage from one spot to another within our room is easier and more importantly safer for our staff, which was a big problem with our previous stage. We have had events from meetings to concerts, to guest speakers, and more, but I have to admit my favourite one so far with the new stage was our 2014 Halloween youth dance. The kids loved the stage, and we felt it was safe enough to allow them to dance on the stage and have the spotlight. All the kids took turns. Thanks for making our facility look more professional, and safer for our users.

Municipality of Arran-Elderslie
Arran-Elderslie, ON

Readystages are the best product I have brought into my department! With the ease of setup, mobility and the sophisticated look, they were a natural fit for our quality of the hotel. I look forward to ordering more of this product to reduce my labour and improve my profits.

James Haywood
Delta Bessborough
Saskatoon, SK