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TheaterTheatres have seen many evolutions. There are a huge variety of formats for productions and plays. The audience needs to be able to maintain sightline and clarity of sound. The performers have a multitude of other needs.

Microphone in a restaurant on a stage
Microphone in a restaurant on a stage
Common uses include:
  • seating
  • production
  • in the round
  • Music performances
  • Band performance
  • Acoustic solutions
  • Choral risers
  • Music chairs and stands
  • Cappella choir
  • Choir
  • Choir rehearsals
  • Performance space
  • Dance stage
  • Performance
  • Performing arts
  • Black Box
  • School play
Our adjustable audience seating and stage formats thrill audiences and performers alike. See our stages and risers to build something perfect for your space.

Client Reviews

We bought Canadell risers for our McManus Studio Theatre in 2012. The McManus Studio is a six-sided black box theatre that is used for many productions and events with the risers configured in proscenium setting and in the round setting generally. Sometimes we clear the room entirely. The setup and takedown of the risers is easy and the carts that the risers store on are fabulous. Since 2012 we have shown off our risers to other organizations such as Fanshawe College in London and Soulpepper in Toronto and I am happy to say that both organizations went on to purchase the same risers for their theatres! Thank you Staging Canadell for all your help!

Grand Theatre McManus Studio

The staging arrived safely and quickly. The quality of the staging and fittings is exceptional. I was very impressed. This stage should last us many, many years.

John Hibberson
Midway and Beyond Little Theatre
Midway, BC

Since purchasing staging platforms from you a year ago we have flipped our venue from a proscenium house to a theatre-in-the round house five (5) times with great ease in both dismantle and installation, due to the terrific design of the Staging Canadell panels and support systems. Storage, when not in use is efficient, my labour bill has been kept low due simple I&D, and since they are a standard panel I have been able to utilise them elsewhere in the venue when needed. And the custom support sections fabricated by your shop to meet our specific ‘cross-over’ needs are smart and easy and keep Stage Management happy (and isn’t that what it’s all about?). I have and will recommend Staging Canadell to any colleague in the GTHL looking for new staging and invite them to the Young Centre for the Performing Arts to see ours.

LJ Savage
Young Centre for the Performing Arts